Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Guess on Syria

I'm guessing that this is all about oil – it goes beyond what Obama may or may not personally want...

Bat People aka Comedians, etc.

Wrote while waiting in the Dr's Office (I'm OK):

I'd like to discuss a real problem often overlooked: the discrimination against nocturnal people. We get nasty, judgmental looks & called hurtful names like "lazy" & "sleepyhead".

Just because we're more productive/alive at night doesn't mean we don't deserve a full 8 hours of sleep like everyone else. In nature, you don't see early birds making baffled faces and poking at the sleeping, hanging upside-down bats & yelling, "Why didnt you respond to my text?!?!" or "I want to confirm your appointment even tho its only 8:00am!!!"

This has been a PSA from sleepyhead bat jackie eco.

Friday, August 30, 2013

The past 48 hours...

Hi! What uuuuppp?!?!
So, I know I don't have time to write this blog - yet - I'm disciplining myself to share SOMETHING - anything - to keep it going - hmmm ...
It was 102 degrees in a lot of the LA I was in today - people complained of course. Tho whenever I get heated, I recall walking out of the subway stairwells in beautiful Manhattan and the bitter below 0 winds stabbing me like a hundred daggers - yeah, I'll take the heat...
I also shared the following on my personal fb profile:

Just so people know - we need Clean Energy (Nukes are NOT clean) NOW. Once these monsters are unleashed they may never be able to be contained... Keep the faith, JE :)

From Bloomberg News:

I would rather post this on my fanpage and then share it to my profile, however, my fans on there seem REALLLLLY finicky - I think all they want are eco jokes and cute pics of me (!) LOL.

Hope whomever my readers will turn out to be will appreciate the WHOLE "picture" ;)

Ok, now to bake or whip up something nice in the kitch to help "bribe" me to get my project done.

1. After getting a ton of smaller priorities out of the way today, I'm gonna do everything I can to finish re-editing my comedy reel for a TV submission. I have footage spanning years, but because I had crappy videocams and no one to film me I have a lot of Killer performances that you can barely see:( The good news is - I gradually upgraded to a sony flip, then (after I finally est credit) I bought a decent vid camera a few months ago - after the prodding of a director I have attached to my sizzle reel pitch for a network. I also do NOT currently have time to do stand-up comedy and film it - largely because I'm working on my top-secret pitch for a network.

2. Tomorrow - I have another BIG project I'd like to get done by tomorrow - as well as mail out my DVD from today. I'm a perfectionist & my own worst critic so wish me luck!!!

OK - better rush off - much work to do.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Pic of Katniss & I

Katniss (aka "Kat-nicey"); note the resemblance;)
Please Adopt - and SAVE A LIFE!!!

How to be Hobbitlicious - by Jackie Eco

Hi! How are you?! THANKS for reading my blog!
Hope it's a pleasant experience for you and I hope I find the time to keep up with it, yaall!!!! ;*

As you may know, regular nail polish contains formaldehyde, acetone, and other nasty crap that will likely cause you cancer, etc. - not fun!!! However, I bought this reeeeally pretty pastel stuff over at Whole Foods on sale for $5! Holds up real nice for a paint without all that toxic junk! Pebble/Galet I believe is the color unless that's just something in French I don't remember from college. Notice the pic of my hand shows a "thumbs up" ;)
Site says it's "
  • Formaldehyde, toluene, camphor and dibutyl phthalate free." YAYYYYY!!! :)
  • PS who wants to vacuum today!?!?! I dont have time...:(