Monday, September 2, 2013


I used to hate - I mean HATE grapefruits -! Then I found myself visiting the East Coast and couldn't find any good pickled ginger that didn't have saccharine/aspartame (YES that add that garbage to it rather than sugar sometimes!!!)...

Long story shorter, I tried using grapefruit as my new tangy/sweet fix and got into the habit of ripping off the peel and slicing the inside up into smaller pieces/cubes - I eat it as is - no sugar added - try it, you might love it/find it uber-refreshing:)

MY routine evolved to the point of using the leftover juice all over my face (as an anti-oxidant -? I don't know!) as well as poured into my water as Grapefruit "Boba" - really delicious "Spa" drink - the bobas have lil fruit "explosions" lol. I use the peels for everything from utensil holders to sponges for clean-ups. Of course, all are bio-degradable, smell-great and all-around refreshing. From what I've read, Grapefruits cut the calories of whatever you're eating afterwards, like, in half or something like that - total super-food. Then they're highly alkaline, etc. - whatever it is - it PREVENTS me from having ANY ACID DIGESTION from anything I eat after that - for MOST OF THE DAY. CRAAA-ZY! Plus, it's just totally a super-food in general - you can it (and raise $ for your fave charity:).

That's all I didn't have time for! Happy Grapefruit Adventures lol!!!