Sunday, September 1, 2013

Park Yoga for Germaphobes

Took me about ELEVEN hours to make headway on my first project yesterday - was up til 2 am. This is red-tape, paperwork stuff that HAS to get done. I'm confident that, once out of the way, it'll help free up my mind to work on the #2 project which is much more creative! :) YES, i have MORE projects after that -!

I'm really trying to do one blog a day - perhaps this will help break up all the work i'm doing - ?

Anyway, I'm a park yoga junkie. Yes, we are SPOILED ROTTEN in so cal in soooo many ways - this is one of them. there are various (mostly free) park and even beach yoga classes taught outside here (!).

As an admitted "Germaphobe" I feel that traditionally rolling up your mat spreads all the dirt from the bottom all over the clean part (where you sometimes put your face -!). So I fold mine in such a way that only the clean part touches the clean part (!). Here are some pics.

Also helpful is to do yoga on TWO mats next to each other - this way you don't ever have to let your hands/feet touch the possibly-pesticided, dog pee-laden ground!

Hope you're having a SUPER-FUN, SAFE holiday.

Jak :)

ps: here are some interesting perspectives from politicians & political experts, etc re: Syria "What Message Would US Acting in Syria Send to Iran and North Korea?"